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Papeles y Plásticos
full packing service for your business and commerce
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Twisted handle bag

Paper bag made from cellulose derived from FSC-protected forests and printed with biodegradable water-based inks. It has a handle curly with high strength adhesive. Reusable and recyclable.

Die cut handle bag

Plastic bag made with HDPE and additive d2w ensuring its degradation in a short space of time. Printed with biodegradable water-based inks. Reusable and recyclable.

Printing techniques


Reproduction of texts and images on paper, through the transfer of ink through a mesh.


Relief printing technique from photopolymers. The photopolymers are placed in a rotating machine with ink.

Tips for a good finish

Screenprinting allows very good finishes if not abused masses of color and gradients.

The originality of design is always a highlight differentiating factor for our bag, but we recommend provide contact information .

Png images.

You can get your PNG image in your graphics editor by selecting "save as". You need to work in a RGB´s environment. .