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Papeles y Plásticos
full packing service for your business and commerce
1. Purchases on page www.papelesyplasticos.com are governed by the general conditions applicable to the date of the order. Papeles y Plásticos, SL believes that having placed an order the buyer will be accepted without reservations the general conditions of sale to be able to read previously .

2. The information contained in the description of the parts is not binding on Papeles y Plásticos, SL to confirmation of order acceptance by Papeles y Plásticos, SL.

3. The amounts billed to the customer including taxes take effect. Before ordering the payment the Customer may know the shipping costs. The order does not become effective until the Customer does not click "OK" in the order confirmation screen. During the selection process of the product and purchase the Customer may at any time cancel the steps already carried out and abandon the process. Once payment is made within 24 hours after the customer receives a message in accordance detailing amounts paid and recorded data.

4. Papeles y Plásticos, SL shall not send the products purchased to receive confirmation that the Customer has paid.

5. Although Papeles y Plásticos, SL seeks to have always available the products advertised on their website, exceptionally be cases of not having the product requested by the Customer. In this case, Papeles y Plásticos, SL is committed to sending an email to Customer within 15 days (from the date on which the order was placed) to communicate within that we can send the selected product. If of failure to provide the product Papeles y Plásticos, SL Customer may propose sending an article of equivalent quality and price. The Customer may reject this alternative, which require the immediate repayment of amounts paid by Customer.

6. Papeles y Plásticos, SL delivers its products through courier company. The maximum delivery order shall be as specified in the section of Shipping Terms, which will start counting the day after payment confirmation. Customer shall be informed promptly in case of delay, in exceptional circumstances, delivery of products. The delivery is considered completed since the product becomes available to the client by the carrier and the consignee signs the delivery receipt. It is for the recipient to verify the products upon receipt of them and expose all the caveats and complaints as appropriate. The postage will be paid by the client except that the product was defective. In the latter case, if the client informed Papeles y Plásticos, SL of the product defect within the first 8 days from the date of receipt, Papeles y Plásticos, SL will assume the transport costs.

7. The client shall have a period of 8 working days to withdraw from the contract without having to provide reasons. Within 8 working days is calculated from the date of receipt of the product. Before exercising the right of withdrawal Papeles y Plásticos, SL can assist you to analyze the reasons and suggest solutions that can meet the client's interests. In all cases product returns are only accepted if received in perfect condition and with original packaging, with the exception of those custom tool "Design your bag". Upon receipt of Papeles y Plásticos, SL will proceed to a refund. Shipping charges will not be credited.

1. Papeles y Plásticos, SL sends all its products by the courier company DHL.

2. The delivery times are 24/48 hours for Peninsula and Balearic Islands, following the confirmation of payment. For international shipments transit time varies depending on the geographic area:

Zone 1: 24/48 hours (Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Portugal, South France)
Zone 2: 48 pm (Northern France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
Zone 3: 3 to 4 working days (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland)
Zone 4: 4 to five business days (Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic)
Zone 5: 6 to 7 working days (Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Croatia).
(The end times of transmission may be lower than those referred to as these are based on the maximum possible time counting reissues).
These delivery times are valid for non-customized products, adding to the expected transit time of 15 days for customized products.

3.The commitment to deliver within 15 days of personalized products using "Build your bag" is valid for Peninsula, Balearic islands and Portugal.

4.Shipments that combine personalized and customized products will be adjusted at the time of delivery to the customized product.

5.L Shipping times may be altered for reasons beyond both Paper and Plastics, Inc. and DHL (strikes, armed conflict, customs, road traffic courts for reasons of weather and all those who stated in his letter DHL services), exempting both companies that might cause harm to the client.

6.All shipments and goods are covered with a shipping insurance.

7.Papeles y Plásticos SL will provide the customer with a tracking code will be sent by email to the account provided in the registration system. The customer can access the DHL delivery system to check the status of their merchandise and meet the scheduled delivery.

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